PASSION for carefully selected feed. A unique race like the Iberian pig can only feed on the finest natural resources. And to achieve such an exquisite product, Iberian pigs’ diet has to be painstakingly cared for. The result? A deeply nuanced flavour!

The type of food that the pig receives throughout its life is, along with the breed, one of the two criteria used to classify Iberian Hams. There are three types of Iberian Ham depending on the feed:



Acorn-fed: the animal feeds on acorns and other natural resources from the dehesa during fattening.



Cebo de Campo: the animal feeds on fodder, mainly constituted of cereals, legumes and wild herbs during fattening.



Cebo: the animal feeds in farms, on fodder mainly consisting of cereals and legumes during fattening.

Iberian Ham

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