PASSION for a unique breed. Iberian Ham is an unbeatable product in the world. Not just because some of the pigs are raised in the dehesa, in an incomparable natural environment that only exists in the Iberian Peninsula, but also because the breed of the pigs, Iberian, is also UNIQUE.

The Iberian breed is the central piece of a lifestyle that revolves around Iberian ham. It is linked to the Mediterranean diet, its people, the rural environment and ancestral practices that form part of European culture and tradition.

The breed and the feed are the two main criteria for classifying Iberian Ham. Understanding the types of Iberian pig breed is essential for truly understanding the different categories of Iberian Ham that are on the market. Depending on the crossbreed, we can find the following animals:

- 100% Iberian: the pig’s mother and father are 100% Iberian, registered in the Studbook.

- 75% Iberian: the mother is 100% Iberian, registered in the Studbook, and the father is 50% Iberian.

- 50% Iberian: the mother is 100% Iberian and the father is Duroc, both registered in the Studbook for the corresponding breed.

Iberian Ham

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