La Pasión de Europa

Why is Iberian Ham the passion of Europe?


Because it is a product that is unique in the world.

Because it is part of the culture and the tradition of a whole nation, passed down from generation to generation and which lives in harmony with the latest technology.


Because it is an art form, the product of a passion for everything natural and authentic.

Because it’s incredible quality is reflected in its colour, an incredible red, characterized by the natural marbling of the Iberian breed which provides an unmistakeable flavour, texture and aroma.

Because it is based on a sustainable production model, in which food safety, animal welfare, traceability and environmental sustainability are fundamental pillars.

Because acorn production contributes to the maintenance of a unique ecosystem in the world, the dehesa pastures, which enable the development of rural areas.


Because it is the Mediterranean diet, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage, which has become the benchmark of a varied and balanced diet.

Because it is linked to Iberian identity as part of Europe.

Because it is a passion without borders, recognized and admired across the world.


And on top of all of this, because… IT’S IRRESISTIBLE!

Welcome to the place where you’ll learn to enjoy Iberian Ham in its purest expression, and with PASSION!



Iberian Ham

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