This year the passion will reach journalists, bloggers, influencers and foodies in a way as unique and unrepeatable as Iberian Hams: through an exclusive Workshop in each country.

4 European cities, 4 meet ups and 4 different experiences, but all with something in common: the Passion for information and the Iberian Hams of Spain.

In all of them, the spokespeople of the Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig (ASICI) will attend journalists personally, to transmit firsthand the latest advances in matters such as quality, traceability or labeling of Iberian Hams and the work carried out by the Interprofessional. Always with the Iberian Ham as the protagonist, with product tastings offered by master cutters.

In addition, the campaign spot and a video about the production process of Iberian Hams will be projected, to show the passion, tradition and care with which they are made, step by step, from the dehesas, fields and farms, to the table of consumers from all corners of the world.

These meetings will go beyond the information field to become an experience for the senses.

To the sensory tasting guided by a SIPA professional (Analysis and Innovation Service in Products of Animal Origin of the University of Extremadura), where everything related to the product will be explained in a more dynamic and experiential way, the tasting menu joins around the Iberian Ham, in which journalists can enjoy and observe the different ways in which it can be introduced into gastronomy.

Finally, attendees will receive a press kit with all the information about the Iberian Hams of Spain, ASICI and the Ham Passion Tour promotional campaign that includes campaign materials, as well as a product sample and tweezers to serve and place it.

An experience around the world of Iberian Ham!




HAM PASSION TOUR: an unforgettable memory

On December 18 we put the finishing touch to the second year of the Ham Passion Tour with the celebration in Madrid of an exclusive Workshop that linked a sublime product like the Iberian Ham, with the enjoyment and creativity of haute cuisine.

A closure of the second year of the campaign in style, in an incredible space and with the presence of more than 30 first-class national media, who were able to live first hand the passion of the Iberian Ham, as well as discover the differential values that position it in international markets as one of the most exclusive gourmet products.

A sensory tasting guided by Professor Jesus Ventana, and an avant-garde menu prepared by Michelin-starred chef Javier Estévez, allowed us to enjoy a unique product in the world like never before.

A luxury for the senses.





The passion of the Iberian Ham will arrive in Paris on October 1stat the Hotel Melia La Défense, in the heart of the financial district, a very prominent enclave at the business level and a unique place from which you have a panoramic view of the entire city, including The Eiffel Tower, one of the most visited monuments in the world with more than 7 million tourists, according to the UNWTO.

Attendees will do a sensory tasting of Iberian Ham, guided by experienced professionals from the world of research, while enjoying the views of the Paris skyline.

To conclude, the Belgian-Spanish chef Patricio De Diego De la Vega will offer a menu inspired by the Franco-Mediterranean cuisine with Iberian Ham as the main protagonist.

A high end event held in the heights!!!




The Ham Passion Tour arrives on October 10th to the second largest city in Germany and one of the most important references at the journalistic level, Hamburg.

Through an exclusive meeting with journalists, bloggers and foodies at the Portomarin restaurant, a benchmark of Spanish gastronomy in Germany, we will offer attendees a VIP experience in the world of Iberian Ham through the art of cutting, sensory tasting, guided by professionals, and a showcooking with Iberian Ham as a star ingredient.






The Good Housekeeping Institute, the headquarters of the prestigious magazine on lifestyle, health and recipes, Good Housekeeping, will host the meeting with journalists and bloggers in London, on October 22nd.

We will have the presence of José Pizarro, one of the best Spanish chefs in the United Kingdom and introducer of Spanish cuisine in London for 20 years. Recently appointed Ambassador of Spanish cuisine by the Spanish Embassy in the British country. A luxury prescriber for a luxury product.

As a climax, attendees will know the characteristics that make Iberian Ham an admired and desired product thanks to a sensory tasting guided by experienced professionals.


Iberian Ham

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