Ham Passion Tour

The Ham Passion Tour shows the British the "taste" of Iberian ham and the passion for the authentic and the natural

A Road Show and master classes, to future chefs, bringing Londoners closer to Iberian Ham, the passion of Europe and one of the star products of the healthy Mediterranean Diet. Liverpool will be the next stop of the campaign, backed by the European Union

The campaign in the United Kingdom started today, November 5th, with a master class at the University of West London aimed at teachers and students of Hospitality. The master cutter, Dave Santos, has taught the future chefs of this educational center how to cut Iberian ham, the passion of Europe, which is one of the main factors to fully enjoy its aroma, unmistakable texture and flavour, inviting them to become future prescribers of this delicatessen linked to the healthy Mediterranean Diet.




Jamones Ibéricos de España

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